Pioneering a New Class of Vaccines for Global Unmet Medical Needs

Constantly-Mutating Global Infectious Diseases

Rapidly mutating viruses cause a threat to our healthcare systems and to our communities, as demonstrated by three coronavirus pandemics that have occurred within the past 15 years, and by the hundreds of thousands of deaths annually due to seasonal influenza epidemics. Novel vaccines are critical to protect against all current but also future strains or variants and prevent these crises in the future.

Game-Changing Technology

Osivax is creating a pipeline of universal vaccines to revolutionize infectious disease prevention and meet a significant medical need. These vaccine candidates are based on the oligoDOMTM technology, a unique self-assembling Nanoparticles platform designed to trigger powerful T-cell and B-cell immune responses as it promotes the attachment of a nanoparticle to cells of the immune system.

Diversified pipeline

Osivax is rapidly expanding its oligoDOMTM based pipeline, with the following candidates currently in clinicaldevelopment: a universal influenza vaccine (OVX836) and a sarbecovirus vaccine (OVX033), as well as a pan-strain human papillomavirus vaccine (PANHPVAX), developed by dkfz.

Multiple combination opportunities

The oligoDOMTM technology platform can also be combined with other innovative vaccine technologies, like adjuvants and mRNA. Osivax is currently investigating the potential synergies of such combinations.

Our Pipeline


  HPV: Human PapillomaVirus
  POC: Proof-Of-Concept


Universal Flu
Vaccine Candidate


Universal Sarbecovirus
Vaccine Candidate

OVX836 – Universal Flu Vaccine Candidate

Facts about the
seasonal influenza

Influenza is a devastating disease, with routine global outbreaks that pose a profound threat to global health. Seasonal influenza kills hundreds of thousands of people annually and pandemic influenza can cause tens of millions of deaths as demonstrated by historic outbreaks.

Average Vaccine
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Number of deaths caused
by flu every season worldwide
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death threat linked with
emergence of a pandemic strain
within 6 months of time.
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Current seasonal flu vaccines are only partially effective because they target strain-specific surface antigens, which mutate at high rates and thus change seasonally. A universal vaccine presents the highly needed opportunity to provide broad coverage across all seasonal and pandemic strains. Osivax is creating a revolutionary universal influenza vaccine which will uniquely empower both the B-cell immune response and the T-cell immune response. Osivax will combine its best-in-class T-cell component (OVX836) with conventional flu vaccines to fully empower both arms of the immune system. OVX836 targets the nucleoprotein (NP), a highly conserved internal antigen. Unlike surface antigens, the NP is much less likely to mutate, alleviating the need for annual vaccination updates. Osivax’ oligoDOMTM technology enables the transformation of the NP into a highly immunogenic antigen to trigger powerful T-cell immune responses. Osivax’ lead candidate has shown powerful and long-lasting systemic and local immune responses in preclinical development. In vivo, it has shown strong efficacy against both A and B strain flu viruses and an excellent safety profile in a GLP toxicology study. After successful Phase 1 and Phase 2a clinical trials, OVX836 is currently being evaluated in a multicentric combination trial with conventional flu vaccines in Australia.

OVX033 – Universal Sarbecovirus Vaccine Candidate

Facts about the

Even before the current Covid-19 pandemic, the world has grappled with pandemic coronaviruses, experiencing three outbreaks over the last twenty years alone that have claimed the lives of millions around the globe. The most recent pandemic has shown that vaccine technologies are effective and critical to protecting lives, however current surface antigen-specific approaches are limited against highly mutating viruses.
Number of coronavirus outbreaks
over the past 20 years
Currently commercialized vaccines target the constantly evolving spike surface antigens with the aim to generate B-cell responses. Osivax is creating a revolutionary universal sarbecovirus vaccine which will uniquely empower both the B-cell immune response and the T-cell immune response. Osivax is engineering a vaccine (OVX033) that targets the virus’ nucleocapsid, an internal and invariant antigen. This target can be transformed into a highly immunogenic antigen when enabled by the oligoDOMTM technology and is expected to provide universal breadth of protection against all current and future sarbecoviruses. Osivax builds on the experience gained through the development of OVX836 in influenza which facilitates the development and preclinical proof-of-concept of OVX033 in less than one year. OVX033 is being evaluated in a First-In-Human trial.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 961112. This project is supported by the French State, through the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI) France’s program: Programme d’investissements d’avenir and France 2030.

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