Dr Nathalie Garcon, Pharm D, PhD

Dr. Nathalie Garçon has more than 30 years of expertise in vaccinology, from research to manufacturing, in particular immunology, adjuvant and formulation technologies

• 5 new innovation projects selected, with implementation path defined and milestone established for go/no go decision
• Restructuration of North America RD, with downsizing from 4 to 2 sites, and successful integration within the global RD
• Defined and implemented strategy linked to the adjuvant part of first adjuvanted HPV vaccine registration worldwilde
• Streamlined the group organization, put in place processes to optimize the output and define programs supporting the vaccine projects
• Development of adjuvants processes to be compatible with large scale manufacturing. Set up internal process for preclinical experiment tracking and reporting
• Developed pilot plan processes for adjuvant systems to be used for first time in human clinical trials material

Prior experience:
• CEO/CSO, BioAster (2014-present)
• VP and Head of global adjuvant centre for vaccine development at GSK, Belgium (2012-2014)
• VP, Head of global vaccine centre for adjuvants and technology innovation, GSK, Belgium (2012-2014)
• VP global center for adjuvants and delivery systems, GSK, Belgium (2009-2012)
• VP, Head of research and North America R&D, GSK, Belgium/Canada/USA (2008-2009)
• Director Research and new technologies R&D, GSK, Belgium (2005-2008)
• Director alternative deliveries and preclinical operations, GSK, Belgium (2004-2004)
• Director formulation technology platform, GSK, Belgium, (1990-2003)
• Research associate professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas (1987-1990)
• Postdoctoral research fellow, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK (1986)

• S. Plotkin award for life time contribution in vaccines and vaccine technologies (2014)
• Author of over 60 papers and book chapters
• Holder of more than 100 patents

• PhD in biological pharmacy
• PhD in immunotoxicology and immunopharmacology (1982-1985)
• PharmD, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon (1982-1984)